Buubla potty chair and bag

Foldable potty chair
Great for everyday use; Amazing for traveling

Buubla folds nicely into a stylish bag, so you can easily bring your own potty wherever the road will take you; shopping, visiting friends or just a casual walk.

Made in Finland, Europe. Comes in two colors: gray and white.

Universal fit for all children of potty chair age.

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Can Buubla be used at home?
Absolutely! Buubla is great for everyday use. Fold it into a bag only when needed.
Where is Buubla from?
Buubla potty chair is made in Finland, Northern Europe.
Is Buubla safe?
We aim for the highest quality product. Buubla potty chair and Buubla bag is tested for safety in a CPSC-accepted laboratory. See more details at cpsc.gov
Where can I get a Buubla potty chair and a bag?
You can find both on Amazon, eBay or Facebook! We ship within the US.
Who is Aeme?
Hi! We are a family of four - Andrea, Jan, Ines, our daughter, and Ivy, our dog. My husband and I are originally from Europe but now live in Seattle, WA. On one of our journeys back to Europe, we saw a Buubla potty chair at our friends house and we decided to get a similar one for Ines.
Since we spend most of our time outside in the parks, trails, playgrounds and zoos, we needed a small potty chair that would be lightweight and portable. At first, we tried to find one on the US market but we couldn't find any. We bought Buubla in Europe and brought it with us. We love it and what is even more important, Ines loves it. After a long discussion, we decided to bring Buubla potty chairs to the United States and share this great product with other active families. There is no such potty as Buubla on the market. We did the research, so you do not have to waste your time.
Who is Buubla?
Buubla comes from Finland and was created by parents that were desperate in need of a travel potty chair for their toddler son. Unfortunately, they could not find any on the market, so they invented their own.
Buubla is not only a travel potty chair but also a potty chair that can be used in everyday life, has minimal amount of material, looks and feels great and is suitable for all children at the potty chair age. And btw. Buubla name was created by their son, then about 2.5 years old. How cool is that?


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